Mercury (budha graha )in Astrology

The planet nearest to the sun is Mercury, one of the planets in the solar system. Mercury is the astrological symbol for intellect, reasoning, and analytical skills. It is connected to the zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini and is regarded as a private planet. We will thoroughly examine Mercury's role in astrology in this post.

Mercury is also linked to the brain, which influences how we think and process information. It controls our speaking, writing, and thought processes. It is thought to have an impact on how we express ourselves, learn, and interact with others. Mercury is also linked to commerce, trade, transportation, and technology. It is said to affect our ability to negotiate and make sound business decisions. 

According to astrology, a person's communication style, intelligence, and capacity for learning can be inferred from where Mercury is positioned in their birth chart. Successful communication and commercial success are reportedly enhanced by a well-placed Mercury. On the other side, a poorly situated Mercury could cause challenges with learning, communication, and business and financial matters. In Vedic astrology, Buddha is seen as a benefice planet and is thought to bring success in occupations like teaching, writing, journalism, public speaking, and business. Additionally, it is claimed to foster a strong memory, a sharp mind, and quick wit.

A weakened budha, however, may result in misunderstandings,communication, hyper sensitiveness and issues with learning. Additionally, it has been linked to speech difficulties, neurological system abnormalities, and skin ailments. In Vedic astrology, Buddha is frequently worshipped through rituals and mantras in attempt to counteract the negative effects of a birth chart that has a poorly positioned Buddha. Wednesday is the day of the week that Buddha is identified with, hence it is regarded as lucky to do prayers or ceremonies in his honour on this day. 


Astrologer Dharmikshree tells us about several aspects which are related to this planet. 

Communication: According to astrology, Mercury is thought to have a favourable impact and to rule over a variety of facets of life. Mercury can have the following advantageous effects, to name a few: 

Intelligence: Mercury is the planet of communication, and it is said to improve one's communication abilities. An effective placement of Mercury can make a person persuasive, witty, and expressive. This can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as public speaking, relationships, and business. 

Cognitive Abilities: Mercury is also related to learning, intelligence, and mental dexterity. rapid learners can benefit from a well-placed Mercury, which can also improve memory, analytical abilities, and rapid thinking. This is advantageous for academic endeavours, career advancement, and personal growth. 

Adaptability: Mercury is renowned for its capacity to adjust to many conditions and circumstances. A person with a strong Mercury can be adaptable, flexible, and flexible. They will be better able to handle obstacles and changes in their lives as a result. 

Business: Mercury is connected to trade, commerce, and business. An effective placement of Mercury can improve one's business sense, negotiation abilities, and financial success. Entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone else interested in business and finance may find this useful. 

Travel: Mercury is considered to rule over travel and brief voyages. A well-positioned Mercury can make someone love travelling and can make their travels fruitful. 


  • The 1,2,4,5,6 and 7th house is considered auspicious for the mercury planet.
  • The houses 3,8,9,10,11, and 12 are seen as unlucky for Mercury.
  • It is said that Lord Vishnu is the lord of the Mercury planet or Budh Graha.
  • According to astrological data, if a person struggles with speech issues or is unable to express their problems, it suggests the person has a weak Mercury planet or Budh Graha in their birth or natal chart.
  • The planet Mercury, or Budh Graha, is regarded as the domain of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu may be worshipped in order to strengthen Mercury or Budh Graha. Wednesday is the ideal day to worship Lord Vishnu.


The following are some additional techniques suggested by Guruji for enhancing Mercury Planet or Budh Graha in a natal or birth chart.

  • In the birth chart or natal chart, feeding young or unmarried girls is thought to strengthen the mercury planet, also known as Budh Graha.
  • It is also known that tossing copper coins into water strengthens the Budh Graha, or Mercury planets, in a person's birth horoscope.
  • The person should drink butter milk if their natal or birth chart contains a weak Budh Graha or Mercury planet. He or she must refrain from consuming cold buttermilk.
  • A person should release the caged birds in order to strengthen the Budh Graha or Mercury planet, and they should never keep caged birds as pets.
  • Every Wednesday, feeding green grass to cows or goats can aid to strengthen Mercury, often known as the Budh planet in astrology.


Astrologer Dharmikshree suggests these mantras which can enhance your intellectual capabilities,creativity,and problem solving abilities. Also, these mantras can protect you from negative energies and promotes spiritual growth

  •  ब्रं ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः
  •  बुधाय नमः
  •  गजध्वजाय विद्महे ! सुखहस्ताय धीमहि ! तन्नो बुधप्रचोदयात !