We usually work for donations, for temple work and social help.

For someone who wants to consult Astrologer Dharmikshree please pay Rs 3600. There is no time limit for individual consultations. Your donations directly go for social work and temple work so your inputs will be essential for us to keep the good work going.

Our consultations include:

  • Face reading (current life interest discussion)
  • Horoscope reading
  • Palmistry reading

Please use  PAYTM or GOOGLE PAY  on 9979729764  to book your time slots for the consultation and ask anything you want. 

Information needed for consultation

You can ask your all questions :-

For face reading: Your current clear picture

For horoscope :  Your Name: Date of birth: Time: Place: 

For palmistry : Pictures of  both your hands 

Use this form to send in your information

Thank you for enquiring with us