Venus is one of the most significant and potent planets in the astrological chart and is also referred to as Shukra in Vedic astrology. It is a symbol of all the worldly pleasures and comforts of life, including beauty, love, pleasure, and happiness. Venus is regarded as the most benevolent planet in the astrological system and rules the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra. 


Venus is symbolised in Vedic astrology by a feminine figure that is adorned in all the gems and beauty. She is known as the goddess of love, grace, and beauty, and it is stated that she possesses the ability to draw attention to herself and enchant everyone with her allure. Venus is a symbol of the feminine force and is linked to sexuality, artistic expression, and pleasure. 


 Vedic astrology holds Venus in high regard as a planet of great significance. After Jupiter, it is the second-most significant benefice planet. Venus, the planet of love and romance, has an impact on all issues pertaining to partnerships, marriages, and relationships. It stands for life's comforts and joys and is related to all of its opulent and materialistic facets. Dharmikshree says that Venus is linked to beauty, creativity, and the arts. It is said to endow a person with a lovely and alluring personality because it is the planet of aesthetic sense and artistic abilities. Venus is regarded as bringing a person's life financial security and abundance because it is also linked to riches and prosperity. 


Some of Venus' traits according to Vedic astrology include the following:

  • Venus is the planet of love and romance, and it has an impact on all issues pertaining to partnerships, marriages, and relationships. It is said to bring love, romance, and happiness into a person's life and to reflect the demands and desires of the heart.
  • Venus is a planet that is linked to beauty, allure, and attraction. It is thought to endow a person with a pleasant and appealing personality, and it has an impact on all issues pertaining to physical appearance, style, and aesthetics.
  • Venus is considered to be the planet of creativity and artistic talent. It has an impact on everything that has to do with art, music, dance, and other creative professions. It is thought to endow one with a creative and artistic mind and can aid one in excelling in creative endeavours.
  • Luxuries and Material Comforts: Venus is linked to all of life's materialistic conveniences and luxuries. It symbolises wealth, success, and abundance and is thought to provide a person's life financial security and comfort.
  • Pleasure and Sensuality: Venus is linked to enjoyment, pleasure, and sensuality. It reflects the demands of the senses and has an impact on all issues pertaining to indulgence, physical pleasure, and satisfaction.


 Astrologer Dharmikshree says that Venus’s placement in various houses in a person's birth chart can have a profound effect on that person's life. The following are a few effects of Venus in various birth chart houses:

  • Venus in the First House: Venus in the first house can make someone endearing, alluring, and popular. It can give someone a charming and attractive personality and enable them to provide a favourable first impression.
  • Venus in the Second House: A person's life may experience stability and abundance financially if Venus is in the second house. It can make someone affluent and aid in the acquisition of material goods and luxuries. However, it can also cause someone to become too preoccupied with worldly luxuries and pleasures.
  • Venus in the Third House: Venus in the third house can inspire creativity and the arts in a person. It may endow a person with a talent for speaking, writing, and other forms of creativity. Additionally, it can improve ties between siblings and neighbours, bringing harmony and joy.
  • Venus in the Fourth House: Venus in the fourth house can enhance domestic harmony and provide for contentment. It may make a house lovely and cosy, and it can improve family connections and bring happiness. Success in concerns of real estate and property is another benefit.
  • Venus in the Fifth House: Venus in the fifth house can enhance one's life with romance, love, and pleasure. It can foster creativity, artistic talent, and a love of young people. Success in speculative endeavours and gambling are other potential benefits.
  • Venus in the Sixth House: Venus in the sixth house can enhance productivity and happiness at work. It may cultivate a person's desire to lend a hand and give back to society. However, it can also cause an individual to overindulge in food, alcohol, and other pleasures, which can result in health issues.
  • Venus in the Seventh House: Venus enhances passionate and close relationships while it is in the seventh house. It can raise one's chances of getting married, securing big business agreements, and improving one's appeal to the other sex.
  • Venus in the Eighth House: Venus in the eighth house has the potential to bring about financial advantages through partnerships, marriage, or inheritance. It may also pique someone's curiosity in mystic arts and esoteric sciences.
  • Venus in the Ninth House: Venus in the ninth house can help people succeed in their intellectual, spiritual, and travel endeavours. It can instil a love of comfort and luxury in a person, and it can lead to financial rewards thanks to connections abroad.
  • Venus in the Tenth House: Venus in the tenth house can lead to professional and public achievement and acclaim. It can increase someone's popularity and favourability and deliver financial rewards through their career or business.
  • Venus in the Eleventh House: Through friendships and social ties, Venus in the eleventh house might bring you financial advantages. It can boost a person's popularity and stature, and it can help them succeed in social situations and volunteer work.
  • Venus in the Twelfth House: Venus in the twelfth house might pique someone's interest in meditation and other spiritual practises. Additionally, it may result in financial rewards from obscure or foreign sources.


Relationship, marriage, income, and health issues might result from weak or afflicted Venus in the birth chart. Some of the Vedic astrology remedies for Venus suggested by Dharmikshree includes the following:

  • Worship on Fridays: Worship Lord Shiva with white flowers during worship on Friday.
  • Cleanliness: To strengthen the planet Venus, take special care of cleanliness.
  • Cardamom: Bathing with cardamom in water will strengthen the planet, Venus.
  • Chanting the Shukra mantra: Chanting the Shukra Mantra can make Venus in a person's birth chart stronger ॐ शुक्राय नमःis the mantra.
  • Wearing Gemstones: White sapphires and diamonds can amplify Venus in a person's birth chart. It can provide success in relationships, contentment, and financial security.
  • Giving to Charity: On Fridays, giving to charity might calm Venus and lessen its unpleasant affects. Additionally, it might bring good fortune and success into one's life. Donate white clothes, clothes, rice, ghee, sugar etc. to a girl.