What should be done to remove obstacles in the way of getting married?

Do these measures to get married soon.

Shiva-Parvati should be worshiped for the desire of getting desired groom or early marriage. For this, the person should worship Shivling daily by offering raw milk, bel patra, rice, kumkum etc.

If the person does 108 parikramas of the banyan tree on any full moon, then soon his marriage related obstacles will be removed.

If a girl or a man wishes for an early marriage, then they should feed a cow on Thursday by applying a little turmeric on two flour trees and along with it, it is auspicious to offer a little jaggery and yellow lentils to the cow.

Apart from this, offering water to banyan tree, peepal, banana tree on Thursday  also removes obstacles in marriage.

If there is any obstacle in the marriage of the daughter of any parent, then take five coconuts for worship and chant Om Shree Var Praday Shree Namah mantra in front of Lord Shiva. Chant this mantra for 5 times. And then offer all the five coconuts to Lord Bholenath. You have to do this on 5 Mondays, soon your marriage problems will go away.