Baglamukhi Yantra

Baglamukhi Yantra

Baglamukhi Yantra is a sacred geometric figure that is associated with the Hindu goddess Baglamukhi. In Vedic astrology, Yantras are believed to be powerful tools for invoking the energies and blessings of various deities. The Baglamukhi Yantra is considered to be one of the most potent Yantras in the Hindu pantheons, and it is often used for protection, victory over enemies, and removing obstacles. 

The Origin of Baglamukhi Yantra

 According to Hindu mythology, the Baglamukhi Yantra is associated with Goddess Baglamukhi, who is considered to be the eighth Mahavidya in the Navadurga group of goddesses. She is also known as Pitambara Devi or Brahmastra Roopini. The name "Baglamukhi" is derived from the Sanskrit word "bagla," which means bridle or control, and "mukhi," which means face. Hence, the name Baglamukhi means the one who controls or bridle the tongue.


The Baglamukhi Yantra is a geometric diagram that is made up of nine interlocking triangles. These triangles represent the nine planets in Vedic astrology, and they are arranged in a way that creates a hexagon in the center of the Yantra. The hexagon represents the goddess Baglamukhi, who is surrounded by eight other goddesses. Each of these goddesses represents a different aspect of the divine feminine energy. The goddess Baglamukhi’s likeness is shown in the cente of the square-shaped Baglamukhi Yantra. Geometric figures, such as circles, triangles, and squares, surround the image and are intended to depict the various components and energies that make up the cosmos. The Yantra is typically made of metal, such as copper or brass, and it is often used in meditation and puja (worship) rituals. When properly activated and energized, the Baglamukhi Yantra is believed to be a powerful tool for attracting blessings and achieving one's goals. 

The Benefits of Baglamukhi Yantra

Baglamukhi Yantra is believed to have many benefits for those who use it. Some of the main benefits of this Yantra include:

  • Protection: Baglamukhi Yantra is believed to protect individuals from negative energies, evil influences, and black magic.
  • Victory: Baglamukhi Yantra is believed to bring victory in legal matters, disputes, and competitions.
  • Empowerment: Baglamukhi Yantra is believed to empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve success in their endeavors.
  • Speech: Baglamukhi Yantra is believed to improve one’s speech and communication skills.
  • Health: Baglamukhi Yantra is believed to improve overall health and well-being.

How to Use Baglamukhi Yantra

To use Baglamukhi Yantra, one must first perform a ritualistic worship of the Yantra. This involves cleaning the Yantra with water and reciting sacred mantras. Once the Yantra has been consecrated, it can be placed in a prominent location in one’s home or workplace. To receive the full benefits of Baglamukhi Yantra, one must also recite the Baglamukhi Mantra on a daily basis. The Baglamukhi Mantra is a powerful mantra that is believed to invoke the goddess Baglamukhi and harness her energies. The mantra is as follows: 

Om Hleem Baglamukhi Sarvadushtanam Vacham Mukham Padam Stambhay Jivham.

 It is best to repeat the Baglamukhi Mantra in the morning after a bath, with devotion and focus. It can be repeated as a general practice for general well-being and protection or for a particular purpose. One might make offerings to the goddess Baglamukhi and undertake other rituals in addition to repeating the mantra. They could include conducting aarti, lighting incense or lamps, and presenting flowers, fruits, or sweets to the Yantra (a ritual of waving a lamp in front of the Yantra). It is crucial to remember that the Baglamukhi Yantra should only be utilised for good and should not be used selfishly or to harm others. 

Here are some mantras that can be recited while using the Baglamukhi Yantra:

  • Baglamukhi Mantra: This is the main mantra that is used to invoke the energies of the goddess Baglamukhi. It is believed to bring protection, victory, and empowerment. The mantra is as follows:"Om Hleem Baglamukhi Sarvadushtanam Vacham Mukham Padam  Stambhay Jivham"
  • Baglamukhi Gayatri Mantra: This mantra is a variation of the Baglamukhi Mantra and is believed to bring spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. The mantra is as follows:

"Om Baglamukhi Devi Vidmahe

Dushtanashinyai Dhimahi

Tanno Baglamukhi Prachodayat"

  • Baglamukhi Stotra: This is a hymn that is dedicated to the goddess Baglamukhi and is believed to bring protection and empowerment. The stotra can be recited while meditating on the Baglamukhi Yantra.
  • Baglamukhi Kavach: This is a protective shield that is believed to ward off negative energies and evil influences. It can be recited while wearing the Baglamukhi Yantra or while meditating on the Yantra.


Vedic astrology considers the Baglamukhi Yantra to be a potent weapon that can grant its user protection, success, and empowerment. It is a sacred geometric pattern that honours the goddess Baglamukhi and is thought to channel her energy for good. One must perform ceremonial worship of the Baglamukhi Yantra and recite the Baglamukhi Mantra every day in order to use the Yantra. This Yantra should only be used for beneficial reasons, and it must be used with devotion and reverence.