Black magic, commonly referred to as dark magic or sorcery, is a kind of magic that is frequently used for evil or wicked purposes. It involves the utilization of paranormal forces or entities to harm or control individuals and events. The Vedic literature refer to black magic, sometimes referred to as "Kala Jadu" or "Dark Magic," as a notion. 

Magic is seen in Vedic tradition as a natural force that humans might use for both good and evil reasons. Though the specifics of its beliefs and practices have varied greatly throughout history, the idea of black magic has been popular in many societies. It is regarded as a sort of shamanism or witchcraft in some cultures, while it is seen as spiritual conflict in other. Spells, incantations, potions, charms, and talismans are only a few of the methods and equipment used in the practise of black magic. In addition to rituals or ceremonies involving the sacrifice of animals or other objects, black magic practitioners may also invoke supernatural beings like demons or spirits. 

Black magic's beginnings are a mystery, making it challenging to accurately reconstruct its past. Yet, other academics suggest that it might have had its beginnings in ancient Mesopotamia, where it was connected to the veneration of sinister deities like Ereshkigal and Nergal. Black magic has a bad reputation, but some individuals still use it today—either for selfish reasons or as a part of a spiritual or religious tradition. It is crucial to remember that most faiths and spiritual traditions strongly oppose black magic usage since they see it as a breach of moral and ethical standards. 

Black magic use can have a variety of negative repercussions on both the user and the subject of the magic. Some people think that black magic may make their life better by bringing them success, fortune, or love. These advantages, meanwhile, are frequently fleeting and may be expensive. Black magic, on the other hand, can have considerably greater detrimental consequences on the target. Some black magic practitioners may injure people or attempt to control their minds and emotions. Many unfavourable consequences, including illness, bad luck, or even death, may result from this. 

There are many ways to defend yourself from black magic, including wearing amulets or charms or reciting particular prayers or incantations. Although many individuals still live in terror of the negative repercussions of black magic, these tactics are not always successful. Black magic is still used in some sections of India, particularly in the rural areas. Several black magic practitioners, or tantriks, are available to help those who desire to employ black magic for a variety of reasons. Black magic usage, however, is forbidden in India and is subject to legal sanctions. There are provisions in the Indian Criminal Code (IPC) that deal with witchcraft and black magic offences. Black magic is classified as a type of trickery under Section 420 of the IPC, and is therefore punishable by jail and fines. Many types of black magic exist. Here are commonly recognized types of black magic:

  • Curses and hexes: These involve invoking negative energy or spirits to bring harm to someone or something.
  • Voodoo: Using dolls or other pictures to symbolise people and animals in order to exert power over them, this is a form of African magic.
  • Demonology: This is the act of calling forth and invoking devils to one's will.
  • Necromancy: The act of speaking with the dead and utilising their spirits to further one's objectives is known as this technique.
  • Blood magic: In order to achieve power or control, this entails the use of blood or body parts in magical rituals.
  • Dark rituals: These can involve using severe violence, such as torture or sacrifice, to attain one's objectives.

Acharya Dharmikshre affirms that black magic can have negative effects on a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here are some Signs that you are affected by Black Magic:

  • Unaccounted-for health concerns: It's probable that black magic is having an impact on you if you experience unexpected or unforeseen health conditions, such as stomach aches, headaches, or persistent discomfort.
  • Relationship issues: Frequent misunderstanding or fight with your partner which led you to breakup or divorce could be a sign of black magic. 
  • Nightmares and unsettling dreams: If you frequently experience nightmares or unsettling dreams, it may indicate that you are under the sway of black magic.
  • Unexpected debts or a sudden loss of money: These examples of sudden financial issues, which may indicate that you are under the influence of black magic.
  • Weird behaviour: Black magic may be at work if you or someone you know displays abnormal conduct, such as unexpected mood swings, intense rage or aggressiveness, or irrational fear.

In certain cultures, astrology is thought to provide healing properties or the ability to ward against harmful forces or entities, such as black magic. According to astrologer Dharmikshree following astrological cures may be used by certain persons.

  • Wearing or carrying particular objects: Some objects, like talismans or amulets, are thought to possess protective powers that can fend off harmful influences. For instance, it is believed that wearing a taweez (an amulet) or a black thread will protect one.
  • Chanting particular mantras: Chanting mantras that are said to contain protective energies, such as the Gayatri or Mahamrityunjaya mantras, may be effective in warding off harmful energies.
  • Wearing black clothing or carrying artefacts that are black, such as a black thread or a black onyx, is thought to offer protection from evil energy.
  • Burning a particular kind of incense: Smoking incense that has protective qualities, like frankincense (Loban) or sage, can help drive away ominous forces.
  • Certain pujas can assist remove negative energy: Pujas to deities with protective qualities, such as Lord Hanuman or Goddess Durga, can be performed.
  • Offering particular goods to deities can assist remove negative energy: For example, crimson flowers or sindoor (vermilion powder) can be offered to deities who have protective powers.
  • Wearing particular gemstones: Wearing gemstones with protective energies, Dharmikshree suggests amethyst or black onyx, may assist provide defence against harmful forces.
  • Using particular yantras: Using yantras with protective powers, such as the Sri Yantra or the Shree Baglamukhi Yantra, may aid in warding off evil karma.
  • Using particular herbs: Herbs with defensive powers, like basil or rosemary, may help drive away bad karma.
  • Giving to charity: It's thought that giving to charity or showing compassion might produce positive energies that can drive away negative energy.
  • Seeking an astrologer's advice: Based on a person's horoscope or birth chart, consulting with an astrologer who is skilled about black magic cures may offer particular advice on how to handle the problem.