What is GUPT NAVRATRI and why is it important for Sadhana and Siddhi?

A story telling about the importance of Gupt Navratri is also found in the mythological texts. According to the story, once upon a time, Rishi Shrangi was giving a sermon to his devotees when a woman from the crowd folded her hands and said to the sage : 

"Guruvar ,my husband is engaged in evil  addictions due to which I am not able to do any kind of religious work, fasting, rituals etc. I want to take shelter of Maa Durga but due to the sins of my husband, I am not able to get the blessings of Maa Durga to guide me."

Then the sage said: "Everyone worships during Vasantik and Sharadiya Navratri, everyone is familiar with it. But apart from these, Gupt Navratri also comes twice a year, in which instead of 9 goddesses, 10 Mahavidyas are worshipped. If you can do this systematically then with the grace of Mother Durga your life will be full of happiness. "

After listening to the sermons of the sage, the woman, as advised by the sage during Gupta Navratri, performed rigorous sadhana of Maa Durga. The mother was pleased with the devotion and devotion of the woman and her husband, who was following the wrong path, moved towards the right path and her house was filled with happiness.

Overall, mother should be worshiped even during Gupt Navratri.

As far as the method of worship is concerned, according to the belief, worship during Gupt Navratri should be done in the same way as during other Navratri. Taking a pledge to fast for nine days, Ghatasthapana is installed and Maa Durga is worshiped every morning and evening. On the day of Ashtami or Navami, the fast is broken with the worship of girls. In these days, the practitioners of Tantra Sadhana practice ten Mahavidyas instead of the new forms of Mother Goddess. These ten Mahavidyas are Maa Kali, Tara Devi, Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Mata Chinnamasta, Tripura Bhairavi, Maa Dhrumavati, Mata Baglamukhi, Matangi and Kamla Devi. All the seekers that they should do Tantra Sadhana only under the guidance of a trained and disciplined seeker or under the direction of their Guru. If Sadhana is not done in the right manner, it can have adverse effects on the seeker.